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Greening the Niagara Region one garden at a time

When is the best time to have my garden designed?

Now! In all seriousness, any time is a great time to start planning a space that lets you reconnect with nature. That includes Fall and Winter in the Niagara area, although it’s a bit tougher to do measurements when snow is blanketing the ground. If you start the process before the snow flies, you can be certain you’ll have your design and plant selection ready for Spring. That means you can beat the seasonal rush and pre-order your plants, giving you a full growing season to enjoy your new garden.

There’s a plant I like that isn’t native. Will you include it in my design?

There are so many beautiful plants that aren’t native! Maybe there’s one (or more) that brings back fond memories of an event or that you associate with a loved one. We will absolutely consider these plants when designing your gardens. We also want to protect the balance of local ecosystems from further disruption. If your requested plant is invasive or known to be a significant threat to our wild areas, we will politely decline to include it and suggest a suitable alternative.

Why do you use so many plants in your designs?

In nature, plants mingle and weave together in communities. You’ll rarely see bare ground in a healthy ecosystem. Our nature-inspired garden designs use an ecological approach and combine compatible plants of varying heights, and leaf and root structures, just like nature does. This ultimately reduces water use and the amount of time you spend weeding and increases the amount of time you can spend exploring nature in your space.

Can you design around my existing landscape?

Definitely! Whether it’s expanding an existing garden or adding a new one, our garden designs focus on blending everything seamlessly together. This includes integrating with your current hardscaping, slopes, sunny or shady areas, and even streambanks.

If we find an issue with your existing infrastructure that puts your investment, such as your home or intended project, at risk, we will inform you immediately. We can help you find a solution to address the issue yourself or work with you to find someone who will resolve it for you.

Does Garden Guidance teach me how to design my garden?

This program guides you in managing your outdoor space with less effort, giving you more time to reconnect with nature while reducing harmful practices. We will gladly answer your questions about including specific native plant species and whether they may be suitable for your space. If you’re not confident in your design abilities, we offer a design service and will work with you to create a space you’ll love.

Can you install my design?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve partnered with a trusted contractor to handle installations, and we’re available for project oversight every step of the way. Just let us know, and we’ll happily refer you to them for seamless implementation of your design while ensuring it meets your vision.

Do you offer garden maintenance or Spring and Fall clean-ups?

As much as we love your space, our focus and passion are creating designs and management programs that encourage your participation. You’ll find that, once they’re established, your nature-inspired gardens will need far less care than traditional ones…and you’ll be able to spend more time exploring and enjoying nature at home! However, if managing your landscape isn’t your preference, we’re here to help. We can connect you with our trusted contractor to ensure your property maintains its best appearance throughout the year.

Quick tip: We always suggest leaving the leaves and stems in your garden over winter. Contact us to find out why!

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