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Sharing our passion for nature.

What We Do, Who We Are

Plan(t) Wise Garden & Landscape Design is a boutique firm specializing in designing sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces through thoughtful planning and expert knowledge. As passionate plantsmen, our focus lies in creating immersive outdoor spaces that celebrate the beauty and diversity of native plant gardens. We also offer full landscape design services to optimize the use of your outdoor space and incorporate locally sourced materials. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond design aesthetics.

We empower our clients to take an active role in the planting process whenever possible. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature and fosters a deeper appreciation of the natural world around us. If you’re not a fan of ‘dirty’ hands or are unable to for other reasons, we provide referrals to our trusted contractors who share our dedication to quality and sustainability and are committed to the same level of care and attention to detail as we are.

It’s important to note that we excel in garden and landscape design, not plant installations, hardscaping, or maintenance services. Instead, we focus our expertise on creating beautiful and sustainable designs for outdoor spaces that enrich your life and benefit the environment. Whether you’re looking to transform your space into a sustainable oasis or seeking guidance on how to manage your landscape in an environmentally friendly way, Plan(t) Wise is here to help you realize your vision.

We are proud of the value we bring to clients by helping them achieve their dream of having a low-maintenance, ecologically sound outdoor space. Reconnecting you and your community with nature, one garden at a time.

Heather has a background in graphic design and an obsession with plants and finding purpose in the smallest of spaces. She has spent over two decades growing her experience. She is a member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association (LO), and Port Colborne Garden Club. Dedicated to continuous learning and providing clients with the latest and most relevant information, Heather is currently attending The University of Guelph’s OpenEd Horticulture program. She holds a Diploma with Distinction in Landscape Design and Certificates with Distinction in Horticulture and Sustainable Urban Horticulture.

Heather envisions a future where all designed landscapes are beautiful and beneficial, not only to us but to our wilder friends. Plan(t) Wise Garden & Landscape Design was born from that vision. She thrills in sharing her passion for gardens and nature with others and seeing their delight when they discover the joy and peace of reconnecting with nature. Her goal is to provide people with the knowledge, guidance, and support they need to create a haven for themselves and the wildlife that share our landscapes, cultivating thriving, healthy communities for all species.

Heather lives in the small city of Port Colborne, Ontario, with her partner and their aquatic pets. When she’s not working, you’ll most likely find her in her gardens.

Need some inspiration before connecting with us? Grow ideas for your outdoor space by checking out our Inspiration Gallery.

Horticultural Trades Association Landscape Ontario Green for Life! Proud Member

Expert knowledge and support to help you create and manage your beautiful, beneficial, sustainable outdoor space.

A Note from Heather

I have fond memories of and always enjoyed spending time in natural areas. There were trips to St. John’s Conservation Area with my grandparents. Short Hills Provincial Park, Balls Falls, and summer camping trips “up north” with my parents. Romping along trails like hooligans with my sister. Hot, sweaty portages, canoeing for hours, and the joy of jumping into cool clean lakes. Learning experiences were everywhere! Monarch caterpillars and butterflies, snakes, birds, fish, and even clams! How do you catch a clam? You’ll have to ask my sister.

Sadly, back then, I never made the connection between gardening and nature. While Grandma and Grandpa’s vegetable garden was great, it was just tasty snacks stolen when I thought no one was looking. In those days I thought Mom and her gardens, which didn’t have tasty snacks, were crazy. I always made sure she knew it.

It took a long time to germinate, but those outings with family and Mom’s love of gardening planted a seed. Gardening has become my passion, and like a garden, that passion has evolved. I’ve come to understand and respect how valuable our gardens can be to all species. Creating native plant focused gardens has allowed me to appreciate the joy and wonder of garden visitors of all kinds and has made gardening an even more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Nature, as we think of it, doesn’t just belong in the wild and parks and conservation areas. Our yards and balconies should embrace nature too!

By welcoming nature into your outdoor space, you’re gardening for change. That change is beautiful, healthy communities for all.

Are you ready to rediscover and enjoy the beauty of nature at home?