Plant Wise - Reconnect with the beauty of nature.


Reconnect with the beauty of nature.


Our mission is to create captivating, sustainable, outdoor spaces that inspire passion for nature and promote environmental stewardship. We strive to empower clients with the knowledge, guidance, and support they need to foster a deep connection between them and their outdoor environments. Gardens should be beautiful to all species.

From balconies to acreages, our naturalistic garden design and management guidance reconnect you with the beauty of nature at home.

The Right Choice

Why Choose Plan(t) Wise Garden & Landscape Design?

    • Watering, fertilizing, and pruning have become tedious.


    • You’re a little bored of seeing traditional landscaping.


    • You like seeing butterflies and birds, dragonflies, and maybe even frogs in your space.


    • You have a problem site that’s too dry, too wet, or too shady where nothing seems to like to grow.


    • You want a place for your family and friends to reconnect with nature.


    • You’re interested in helping the environment and improving your community.


“There are people who have gardens and then there people who see nature in all of its honest and lustrous beauty and are able to bring it to life first in their imagination and then into the world. Heather’s imagination is vivid and her earthly creations divine.”
– D.C.
“Plant Wise Garden and Landscaping is an excellent choice for your gardening project. Heather is very professional and knows her plants and how to mix and match. She is very attuned to what you want and is able to decipher and understand what you would like even if you cannot put it into words! I am glad that I decided to go with Plant Wise!
– Sam
“Heather is an artist who’s media is nature and the living garden. She is an expert in plants and flowers and how to attract the beauty of nature into your own backyard. She can plan your garden to be low maintenance and attract butterflies, birds, and even dragonflies. She has some great programs available, she is dedicated to her clients, very detail-oriented, and educated in her field.”
– Lynn R.

“I love how much Heather cares for the environmental benefit of gardens and landscaping. Her passion is inspiring.”

– Charmaine G.

“The passion that Heather has for gardens, gardening and native plants and species simply radiates from her. It is part of her fabric as a person. If you want expert, and I do mean expert, advice from someone who truly cares at a core level, then Heather from Plant Wise Garden and Landscape Design IS your person!”

– Jeff W.

“Heather is great. She is so passionate about gardens and the environment and it shows in her attention to detail. She has been a wonderful resource when I have random questions…”

– Andrea W.

“Heather is passionate about designing gardens for her clients and showing them how to incorporate more nature into their lives. She designed my garden and I enjoyed multiple caterpillars, a monarch transformation, hummingbirds, and more friends along with the beauty of all of the flowers and grasses. Heather is the best!”

– Beth P.

Why Native Plants?

In North America, the landscape is dominated by manicured lawns and gardens focused on “traditional” non-native plants. These landscapes do little to support the environment and beneficial wildlife, and they require high inputs of supplemental water, fertilizers, mulches, time, and money. In this era of technology, digitalization, and virtual recreation, we are also becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. Our designs use almost exclusively indigenous species, helping you improve your immediate environment and reconnecting you with nature.

Native Plant Benefits

Native plants have many benefits. They’re low maintenance because they’ve adapted to our climate and growing conditions. Once established, they require little to no supplemental irrigation, saving water. They usually perform better without additional fertilizer. They’ve developed defenses against many pests and diseases, meaning you can let Mother Nature’s pest control take over and keep toxins out of creeks, rivers, lakes, and watersheds. Pruning isn’t usually required other than a late spring clean-up.  They also provide environmental support and habitat at a time when we are losing much of our remaining natural areas. Wildlife species, including many bees and butterflies, have developed important relationships with native plants and rely on specific plants for survival.

Reap the Benefits

Right plant, right place – proper consideration of a plant’s light, soil type, and moisture requirements is necessary to reap the benefits of a low-maintenance garden. Your new garden designwill use plant communities that are selected to thrive in your existing conditions and best match the level of time you wish to spend managing your garden. Want some inspiration?

Advantages Over Traditional Gardening

All those things mean you save time, effort, and money over a traditional garden. You also get a feeling of contentment, joy, and accomplishment from watching an abundance of pollinators, including butterflies and moths, birds, and other small critters critical to our ecosystems, buzz, flutter, and cavort around your space. What’s not to love about gardens styled with nature in mind?